T-minus 4 hours

It is four hours before my first class on my first day of my first year of teaching. I wanted to share a couple of my recent nitty-gritty experiences of being a teacher that I am sure are too common:

First, this post is evidence that I did not get a good night’s sleep before my first day of teaching. I was (surprisingly) able to fall asleep at a normal time. However, when I woke up two hours before my alarm, I could not turn my mind off. Too many thoughts of what the first day with kids would be like.

Second, I forgot to eat lunch yesterday. To preface this, I love food. I tend to plan most of my days around food. I think I can count the times that I have forgotten to eat a meal on one hand. I first thought about eating lunch at about noon. Between meetings and lesson planning and checking that my classes would have enough books, the thought of eating lunch reoccurred to me at about 3pm.

Third, I went to my first union meeting yesterday. I strongly believe in the unionization of teachers. Through my union, I get prescription coverage, dental coverage, and additional retirement benefits…all good things. Unfortunately, at the union meeting, a significant time was taken up by discussing how the full faculty meetings scheduled by the principal for 3:45 pm once a month are too late in the day according to our union contract. This was frustrating because 1) the complaint was fueled by a small minority of teachers in the room and 2) this is one (of many) things that cause people (i.e. Fox News et al.) to demonize teachers and their unions.

Now onto breakfast and officially becoming a teacher 🙂

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3 Responses to T-minus 4 hours

  1. Good luck, Matt! I know you will do very well today 🙂 Would it be okay if I posted a link on my blog to your blog? I am not sure of how private you are keeping your blog, so I wanted to ask first.

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