Online Teaching Resources #1

The winter quarter at Bard is over, so I have a few moments to breath…and write.

This is the first in (what I hope to be) an ongoing series of referrals to useful teaching resources that are available online.  The resources will be listed in posts but they will also be conglomerated on this page of my blog.

If you have any contributions, please share.  Part of getting through first-year is sharing resources.

Here are the three resources that I have used most in my student teaching this winter:

  1. Improving Learning in Mathematics.  Dan Meyer described this resource best: “It is, explicitly, a collection of activities — full explanations of resources a teacher can use for flotation in her first year.”  The website has some great lesson plans that are very appropriate for the high school classroom.   The underlying pedagogy of these lesson plans is that students learn best when they “are actively engaged, encouraged to think mathematically and to see links and connections.”  The introduction to the resource, which is a short paper by Malcom Swan containing example activities as well as the theory underlying the activities, can be found here.
  2. Jefferson Math Project (JMAP).  For better or worse, New York State math teachers have to deal with the Regents exams.   The JMAP website has copies of the every Integrated Algebra and Geometry regents exam since 2007.   Additionally, you can search old problems/practice problems by standards.  Great resource with lots of problems.
  3. Geogebra.  I haven’t used this software too much, but I’ve been happy with what I have used it for–namely, making graphs of functions for worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc.   I understand, though, that Geogebra has much of the same functionality as Geometer’s SketchPad, and it’s free.
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